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  • Lead The Careers

    Album Covers

    October 27, 2012 by Lead The Careers

    Right, this is another art blog (had you guessed?), and a brilliant one at that!

    I've seen on the Twitter page that a lot of contenders are releasing singles and albums, so, I've started making covers for them. Now, these covers are very simple right now - I'm experimenting, but if you'd like one done, just ask :)

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  • Lead The Careers

    As you can see, Lyndsay and Dana will do a tv blog chat? Me and Rae already have some questions, but we'd love some suggestions. For both of them, or for one specific one. Please don't have really boring ones like "What's your fave food?" or "What's your fave color?". Please make them elaborate :)

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  • Lead The Careers

    Hullo! So, as you all know, I love making computer art. And I've started on something else: contender's YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages!

    Making some later!

    Making some later!

    I'd love to make you one! If you want a youtube page, you can ask for a particular layout, cause it's very hard to find a decent blank template.

    Just say which contender and which type of profile. See you soon!

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  • Lead The Careers

    Hullo, friends!

    October 2, 2012 by Lead The Careers

    Hullo, how is everyone? I hope you're all ok :) There are constant downfalls over here in the UK, not one ray of sun in sight, and it's only Autumn!

    Right, I've made a Twitter page on this wiki. If you haven't seen it, look here. If you want to add a tweet to your contestant's section, feel free. If not, just tell me and I'll add tweets every now and then :) I'm making the Twitter graphics right now.

    I've finally got the hang on Wikia.css. If you are an admin (including Orbstar - obviously) and you want your comment color changing, just ask. The background color, an image if wanted, the text color/font and border are needed.

    Feel free to ask me anything you like :) See you later,

    Lead The Careers 16:03, October 2, 2012 (UTC)

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