Set Fire To The Rain
Onset adapt
By Adele
Sung by Chad Carter, Gabriel Arana, Tom Jenner, Arianna Putelengro, Dana McCray, Ellie Brooks, Hope Jennings, Lyndsay Willis, and Tyler Festa
Type Homework Assignment
Episode Adaptability

Set Fire To The Rain is featured in the fourth episode of The Glee Project Fanfiction, Adaptability. It was originally sung by Adele. The song features nine contestants remaining in the competition as their fourth homework assignment. The guest mentor was Matthew Morrison.

Hope Jennings was cited as having given the best performance, and therefore chosen as the winner.


Hope: I let it fall, my heart,
And as it fell
Lyndsay: you rose to claim it
Tyler: It was dark
Tom: and I was over
Dana: Until you
Ellie: kissed my lips
Chad: and you saved me

Tyler: But there's a side
Ellie: to you that I never knew,
Hope: never knew.
Arianna: All the things you'd say
Tyler: They were never true,
Lyndsay: never true,
Gabriel: And the games you play
Dana: You would always win,
Ellie: always win.

Tyler: But I set fire
Dana: to the rain,
Tom: Watched it pour as I touched your face,
Lyndsay: Well, it burned while I cried
Arianna: 'Cause I heard it screaming out your name,
Hope: your name!

Ellie: I set fire to the rain,
Gabriel: And I drew us in through the blame
Chad: When we fell,
Arianna: something died
Hope: 'Cause I knew
Tom: that that was the last time,
Lyndsay: the last time,
Dana: ohhhh!

Tyler: Oh noooo
Arianna: Let it burn, oh
Tom: Let it burn
Hope: Let it burn


  • This homework assignment marks the third time where the contenders had to sing the homework assignment individually, after "True Colors" in Season One's "Believability" episode and "You Oughta Know" in Season Two's "Adaptability".
  • The contenders had to sing the entire song, but was edited so that everyone was shown singing a small part.
  • Gabriel's line was supposed to be "And I threw us into the flames", but he forgot some of the line and improvised it.
  • This is the third Adele song featured in The Glee Project, after Someone Like You and Rolling in the Deep, and the first performed as a Homework assignment.
  • Hope and Tyler received positive feedback, while Chad and Gabriel received negative feedback.