The Dana-Lyndsay Relationship is the relationship (friendship) between Dana McCray and Lyndsay Willis. They are often referred to as Dansay or McWillis.

Episodes ForEdit


  • When Dana walked into the Glee House for the first time, she and Lindsay exchanged friendly banter.
  • Dana admitted she thought Lyndsay was very talented.


  • Dana and Lyndsay were taped hanging out together in the beginning of the episode, with Lyndsay confiding in Dana her complaints regarding Lee.
  • Lyndsay said in a confessional that she loved Dana.
  • When Lyndsay hit Lee in the face during the Forget You video, she went to stand by Dana while the others checked on Lee.


  • When Dana felt uncomfortable in her pleather costume for On The Floor, Lyndsay helped her adjust it so she could get through the number.
  • Lyndsay looked upset at callbacks when Dana was announced as a Last Chance Performer.
  • Dana and Lyndsay asked to switch their Last Chance Performances.
  • While waiting for the callback list, Lyndsay seemed to be upset at Dana and Chad's closenesss.
  • While waiting for the list to be posted, Dana stood up for Lyndsay by telling the others she was just stressed out. She later followed her out of the room.


  • Lyndsay teased Dana about the music video set.
  • Lyndsay admitted in a confessional that the idea of Dana leaving made her uncomfortable, because she was the only person she could talk to on the show.
  • Lyndsay voted for Dana to stay in the competition after her last chance performance.

Off SetEdit

  • Lyndsay and Dana visit each other often since the show ended, and live together in LA.
  • Dana set up a twitter account after the show finished taping, presumably at Lyndsay's request, since she was the first person she began following.
  • Lyndsay tweeted that she and Dana watched The Glee Project together.
  • Dana and Lyndsay adopted a dog together, which they named Dansay.
  • The two posted a TV blog chat together.

Episodes AgainstEdit


  • During a confessional, Dana commented that she felt Lyndsay was super-arrogant and would be soon eliminated.


  • Lyndsay expressed in a confessional her disbelief that Dana won the Homework Assignment, saying Dana was annoying.
  • Lyndsay seems exasperated when Dana tried to keep her from coming down on Lee.


  • In a confession, Dana is upset that Lee leaving didn't cause Lyndsay to stop being so bitchy, and is frustrated about feeling like the others expect her to keep Lyndsay in check.


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Dana-Lyndsay Relationship
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