Arianna Putelengro
Birthday N/A
Age 20
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Hometown Rome, Italy
Eliminated From The Glee Project
Date N/A
Place N/A

Arianna Putelengro is a contestant on season 3 of The Glee Project.


The first belly dancer or Gypsy to appear on The Glee Project, Arianna comes from a background of magic and stereotypes that she hopes to dispel by being on the show. Losing her mother to cancer at a young age has thrown her faith in her culture into quite the tailspin, and while she's proud of who she is, Arianna is more interested in being a singer and dancer than following in her family's footsteps. She wants to win The Glee Project to introduce a new culture to viewers, while discarding the meaner and inaccurate stereotypes that surround her.


  • Her favorite color is turquoise.
  • Her favorite contender from season 1 was Samuel.
  • Her favorite contender from season 2 was Aylin.
  • She speaks 4 different languages fluently (Italian, Romani, English, and Spanish).
  • Her favorite song to perform was Good Time.
  • Her Twitter name is @ariannaputelengro.
  • She was recently baptised in the Roman Catholic church.



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